An online film festival - We Speak, Here

Culture Unplugged Studios have launched a new film festival – We Speak, Here. This festival is an effort to share personal stories of us as an individual being, our physical & spiritual existence, our myriad expressions, dark & light, of human mind, body & soul, as a response to life within & without. The festival hopes to inspire us all to reflect on human life & its journey so far, and search for our individual purpose that can guide the legend we are to create & contribute to our humanity. The festival invites you to explore ‘we’, in need to know you, him or her as ‘me’.

In an earlier festival launch – Spirit Enlightened, in January 2010, over one million people from 211+ countries and 17000+ cities visited the festival. They viewed over 390 films, and have applauded the documentary and short film works of the diverse film-makers across the globe that explore spirituality, consciousness, evolutionary awareness, belief and value system.

Among many deep & beautiful films, the audience has rewarded the following films:

These films are archived at FilMedia Network, which offers substantial archive of quality shorts, documentaries and features from around the globe with primary focus on Asia, Middle East & Africa. It caters to not only film lovers around the world who are plugged into the net and looking for free-to-watch soulful cinema, but also caters to upcoming or established independent film-makers and grassroots productions that are looking to reach out to a wider audience (for a social mission, or simply to share with the world their voice/art). It facilitates their need to be discovered by global producers, find new markets/audiences and connect with prospective collaborators from different regions.