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Facebook Founder forecasts - Personalized Sites are the Future

It’s not the times of yore, when most of the users preferred social networks just to socialize and make friends. Many online social networks whizzed past each other, and the most well remembered among all is – Orkut. Over the years, the only site which has maintained to keep users hooked to itself is, of course, Facebook. The basics of Facebook are also similar to that of any other social networking site such as – uploading pictures, chat, leave comments and status updates to inform other users What’s on your mind!

The Difference

The difference between Facebook and other sites, which kept increasing user registrations and made it the Numero-Uno Social Networking site globally is, in a way, “User Privacy”. Whereas, in other sites, the user’s profile and their personal details are in for a public view; Facebook’s privacy policy is gigantic & can be used exactly the way some-one wants it to. It is said, that Facebook’s policy has 50 different settings, 170 different options and runs to 5,830 words – making it longer than the US Constitution.

Facebook argues successfully, that the multiple options give users the maximum control over their settings, their personal details and photos on the user’s profile & the decision whether it should be showed for public viewing or not. Else-where, Facebook’s Online Games & it’s tie-up with Zynga, has made Farm-Ville, Mafia-Wars, et cetera, a household name, on which user’s spend a whole lot of time and Real Cash. Plus, the addictive nature of these games, motivate users to buy virtual money online. Facebook’s idea to accept credit cards and Paypal cash; heave helped it earn millions of dollars & make it mighty rich. In short time span, Facebook has grown from 4,000 users to over 500 million users worldwide; and over a billion dollar of revenue and about $15 billion valuation.

The Forecast

Facebook in an attempt to maintain and strengthen the trust of 500 million users is coming up with a new idea of – Personalized Website. Mark Zuckerberg, Co-Founder and CEO of Facebook, in a press conference, while getting grilled for its privacy controls by press, said, “Personalized websites will be the future of the internet as people willingly share more of their information on internet.” He further added that Facebook has always being on certain levels of sharing and available for all to see, so that users could discover one another and it wouldn’t ever betray the trust of their users about showing their personal information and photos they don’t wish to be public.

Mark Zuckerberg said, that in coming few years, Facebook would be accessed through other websites and will have more control over the outside applications. In short, instant personalization will allow users’ to control Facebook account on other websites, controlling usage of their information. The only motto which Facebook aims is making a site which is more open to the world and connects people online worldwide.

The future of making social networks more secured by personalizing the profile will be a new trend that will bring a revolution in the virtual world. But the main challenge any social site will face in future is, how long they will be able to hold personalized information with changing world and technical glitches over the web.

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