HDR Imaging - Top 10 Tutorials

The entire procedure of clicking a plethora of pictures with different exposure of the same image and merging it together through softwares to create a High Dynamic Range Image is known as HDR (High Dynamic Range) Imaging. Taking shots of different exposure and merging them together, thus gives details of shadow and highlights of the image, making HDR look beautiful and surreal.

To develop fabulous HDR images, what one needs is a good eye, and a little understanding of photo editing software like Photoshop or Photomatix. There are many diverse techniques, blogs, websites as well as tutorials for HDR Image Creation Techniques.

Let us explore The Top 10 HDR Tutorials:

  1. HDR Photoshop Effect Tutorial

This HDR Photoshop tutorial shows an easy way to take HDR photos in Photoshop by just using one jpeg file, which saves time in clicking and merging many photos.

Author: Roman Flössler Tool: Adobe Photoshop

  1. How to Create Professional HDR Images

Some applications of Photoshop are just better than any other programs when it comes to digital photography. HDR turns out to be one of them. Photoshop CS2 has an incorporated HDR assembler that is proficient of creating exceptionally realistic and surreal HDR images.

Author: Ryan McGinnis
Tools: Photomatix & Photoshop

  1. Gritty HDR Photo Effects

This tutorial is best to learn how to give a grime effect to HDR images. Thus, it is the one of the most popular Photoshop effect. Though this Photoshop effect is commonly referred as HDR photo effect, anyways it can be used for non-HDR photos.

Author: Denny Tang
Tool: Photoshop

  1. Merging HDR in Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial shows techniques of taking multiple exposures and merging them together, with Photoshop, into a single 32 bit image. It gives step-by-step lessons to use Photoshop for creating HDR image and using effects to show details of shadow and highlights of the image.

Author: Colin Smith
Tools: Photomatix & Photoshop

  1. Post Processing HDR Tutorial

Here one can get knowledge of how to create effects after creating an HDR image by some professional Photoshop techniques.

Author: ThinSite
Tools: Photomatix & Photoshop

  1. How to easily fake an HDR effect in Photoshop

This tutorial shows how to create a HDR photo without the actual (time-taking) HDR process.

Author: Kolnedra
Tool: Photoshop

  1. HDR Style Results Using Layers in Photoshop\

In this tutorial one can learn to use Photoshop for creating one final HDR image by clicking many different exposure shots and merging it together.

Author: Darren Rowse
Tool: Photoshop

  1. Exposure Blending Tutorial

This tutorial is very useful for the beginners who want to learn basics of creating an HDR image. All you need is a camera and photo editing software that supports layer masking.

Author: Darren Rowse
Tool: Photoshop

  1. HDR Tutorial with Photomatix

This tutorial is solely dedicated to teaching the ways of using Photomatix for creating HDR image and giving effects to it.

Author: Dan Norcott
Tool: Photomatix

  1. How to create HDR Photos HDR/Photomatix tutorial

This tutorial shows step by step process of creating HDR image in Photomatix.

Author: Fabio Sasso
Tool: Photomatix