iOS 4.2 Firmware Upgrade

The success of the iPad over the last year is changing the face of mobile computing. The tablet revolution was brought about by Apple’s revolutionary technology, which has moved them to the forefront of computing. Another new era will be ushered in next month in November, an update for the operating system of the world’s most popular technologies, the iPhone and the iPad.

The firmware update due next month, iOS 4.2 will make some necessary changes and some nice-to-haves:


The most important decision Apple has made, other than adding Flash support, is to allow multitasking. The biggest fire the iPad has come under is its inability to multitask. The iOS 4.2 firmware update will finally allow users to run multiple applications at one time. This critical issue will be solved; so the iPad will multitask – to fit our multitasking our lives.

Widget-Based Control

Not mission-critical, but very important is a fix to change the accidental input created by the misplacement of the screen-control button. The new widget-based control for screen brightness and orientation will centralize controls into one convenient place. With this update the iPad will stop accepting accidental input from the misplaced toggle.

Wifi-Based HD Video Uploading

Yup, exactly what it sounds like.

Highly Dynamic Photos

The new photo software will allow techno-weenies to see high-definition photos in a whole new light. This software takes a picture, at three different exposure levels and integrates them into one perfect photo. This program will simplify the process of digitally remastering photos into child’s play.


This rebranded name for iTunes now streamlines users ability to manage and use their media. iTunes deals exclusively with music, whereas the newly named AirPlay will work with video, Apple TV streaming and photos; essentially combining iTunes, iPhoto and a video-streaming program, into one. This is the perfect harmonization for the iPad, which has been dubbed the entertainment tablet.


The ability to print through the iPad’s Bluetooth will mean a world of difference to the users. With this upgrade the iPad might be able to break into the enterprise space, and steal market share from the RIM’s Playbook.

Enterprise Support

In addition to being able to print wirelessly, the iOS will be brought further into the enterprise space through stronger security features, new device management capabilities, and improved enterprise integration.

Improved Mail

Now through your iPad or iPhone you can better control your inbox through a unified inbox, message threading, and by opening attachments in third-party apps.

New Gaming Center

Apple is releasing a gaming center for iPhones and iPads that will improve social gaming. This new technology allows you to you’re your friends for gaming, or use their automatic-match service to find multiplayer game partners. Through the game center users can track their scores and compare them with others.