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New Linux Mint 10 - Will you be lured into trying it?

Battling to be classified as the most reliable open source operating system is the Linux Mint team, which apparently has put its plans to action by leveraging its existing and most popular product the Linux Mint and in turn has brought out a new and updated version of the same - Linux Mint 10 a.k.a. “Julia”. Considered the 2nd runner-up in the open source OS industry, Linux Mint 10 follows the lead of Ubuntu and Fedora who have dominated the open source market with products like Ubuntu 10.10 and Fedora Project.

With Linux Mint 10 making quite the stir in the market with its release candidate (RC) version of the product, the team has made an official announcement about the stable release of ‘Julia’ - The Linux Mint 10. The availability of the same is official and can be downloaded through Torrent and HTTP download. There are several reasons, rather, enhancements made to the Linux Mint 10 which could compel most open source users to try it. Let’s have a glance through all the latest enhancements:

These pointers, or rather the enhancements made to the Linux Mint should be reasonable enough to lure users into trying the product - Linux Mint 10 which is now available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions till April 2012. This latest announcement along with its previously existing product line could just give an edge to the number 3 open source OS in becoming the number 1 open source OS.

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