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Opera 11 Browser maintains its Small Cult-like Following after 15 years

Longtime underdog Opera Software has released its browser Opera 11. Opera’s browser has developed a small cult-like following since its inception in 1996, its following based primarily on its speed, innovation and open-source ideals. In a series of browser firsts, Opera was the first browser to introduce tabbed browsing which has now become the industry standard.

In its latest offering, Opera 11, they are releasing more innovative web browsing solutions including optional plugins, available on demand. The browser also allows you to operate ‘sessions’, permitting you to save your current browser pages for later. The company has always prided itself on its speed and version 11 of Opera operates at 15 to 20 percent faster than Opera 10.63, an already zippy browser.

Browser Usage as of 2010 October

The most attractive new feature of the browser is its tab stacking. Tabbed stacking allows schizophrenic-like web surfers who have large numbers of tabs open at once, to put them into groups for easier sorting and access. By simply clicking and dragging you can create tab groups.

The browser will also feature extensions similar to those in other lead Internet browsers, something the previous editions did not. The addition of closed-source extensions may help give Opera the boost it needs to increase its current 3.4% market share. Opera 11 may be released at just the right time, alongside the release of Google’s Chrome, a browser quickly gaining in popularity. As browser choices widen, and heavy favorite Internet Explorer (pre-installed in Windows) loses market share, Opera may just have a chance this time.

  1. Opera is open source? Wait a minute... have I missed some important incident?

    • Opera Software espouses open ideals while not being entirely open source themselves....
      "Opera Software does not believe innovation in the software industry is protected or encouraged by software patents...As a highly innovative company, Opera Software comes up with many ideas and concepts that are patentable. In some situations, we will apply for software patents as a way to protect ourselves from attacks by other aggressive patent holders." [source: ]

  2. I guess I'm the member of a cult then since I love Opera.

  3. I love Opera too and it's objectively hard not to when you do essentially have the fastest browser in town. I have to use Safari for everyday use since Opera doesn't integrate with 1Password which manages all my logins. Unfortunately this is something Opera developers have long ignored even while it has been raked up in forums and even in 1Password forums repeatedly. Await the release that provides this feature. Definitely gonna install v11 though!

  4. I'd been using opera for 5 years, but eventually ditched it in May. Well, it has its own ways, quirky behaviour, it's weird, I was simply weary of it all. My operism ended while waiting for 10.50....
    Hey, now I use Firefox and it sucks hard. Its UI is dreadful...
    BTW it was 11 beta.

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