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Look Out! Security for your Smartphone

The smartphone has today surpassed the PC as the new and true personal computer. This has brought of course concerns over privacy and security. Lookout is an application that protects your phone from mobile threats with award-winning security that’s easy to use and available on multiple platforms.


Mobile threats are different and Lookout is uniquely designed for smartphones to protect against malware, spyware threats and apps that violate privacy. Lightweight and efficient, Lookout stays connected to ensure up-to-date, comprehensive protection. Scans can be initiated real-time or scheduled. The Privacy Advisor provides clear insight into which apps access private data like location, messages and personal information, as well as scan every app you download to see what data it accesses. Lookout also allows you to remotely lock your phone from the web if it’s lost or stolen and even offers remotely deleting all personal data from it – including the SD card.


Safe, secure and seamless backup of your mobile data, automatically over the air! Sounds like your wishlist? Lookout has this covered too. Whether you accidentally delete data, your phone is lost, or even if it’s destroyed, your data is safe. Schedule automatic backups of your data and access information at anytime online on the Lookout website from where you can save or restore data to a new or existing phone. Photos and call history in addition to contacts can be backed up allowing you can transfer all your data to a new phone with the click of a mouse.

Missing Device

The price of a replacement isn’t the only cost of a lost or stolen mobile device. Personal and professional information is irreplaceable. Lookout helps you find your phone if it’s lost or stolen, quickly and easily, even if it is out of your hands by locating it on a map from your PC or another smartphone. Even if your phone is on silent, it allows you to activate a loud alarm to find it if nearby. To ensure your data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, you can wipe all data from your device, easily over the web or lock out unwanted eyes by remotely locking it from the web.

Complete Control

Lookout’s easy-to-use account dashboard allows you to remotely manage multiple phones from the web. You can get updates to your phone automatically over the air and it supports phones across multiple operating systems including Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile. Manage your data and up to two phones over the air by logging into the Lookout website. Your Lookout account follows you, not just your phone. If you get a new phone, you’ll be able to continue using Lookout without signing up again. Get it today!

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