The Next Smart TV - On it’s Way!

Realizing the immense demand for 3D movies among the present Gen-Y populace, how can television manufacturers stay back? With rising trend of internet and convergence of new media, (where gadget like mobile phones should be considered as a good example of convergence), Televisions are now, all set to be the ‘Smart Box’. Television manufacturers have come up with new generation LED TV’s which can be connected to internet and have access to other applications like Youtube, Flickr, etc. in addition to a plethora of other websites. This new generation TVs will not only give home viewers 3D movies experience, but also makes it – a big screen LCD PC. So, the need for two different electronic machines (to view movies and to access internet) shall become extinct.

The Competitors

There is an intense demand for LED TVs giving way to a tough competition. From Google to Samsung, all are trying to come up with something new to woo customers. Undoubtedly, earlier TVs were brought in the market, which had internet access, but those TVs were expensive.

Television manufacturers are coming up with web connected LCD TV that can access internet wirelessly. Even Apple has unveiled it’s Apple TV. Samsung also claims to have good sale of 3D LED TV that can be connected to internet. Even manufacturers like Sony and Logitech are trying to break a deal with Google to amalgamate video-on-demand services on Google TV. Google CEO Eric Schmidt in a press conference at the IFA Technology Summit in Berlin, gave a glimpse of its seamless transition from watching TV to browsing the Internet on a Sony Bravia TV and is all set to go live in US this year.

What’s in Store

The high-end LCD and LED TV give an opportunity to the people to experience a view which is as of now ‘beyond imagination’. Wireless connection of internet to the TV does not only give access to watch online streaming movies and downloading songs but also to chat online in real time, social networking, e-mailing options, net telephony, surfing, and many other things one does on PC.

The Future

Smart TV are here to stay and be part of our life in a big way.