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Wazala – A Revolutionary Online Store for Netizens

There are lots of solutions these days to make it easy for you to open an online shopping site. Building an online store for your business can never be this easy. Wazala is another of such solution, offering a simple software solution of opening up online stores to any self employed populace that claim existence in the internet arena in the form of a website or a blog. It is designed to primarily help anyone selling her goods or services online, who in turn would allow their consumers to shop online.

A passionate photographer who wants to sell some of her best pictures; a craftsman wanting to sell his crafts, a blogger who wants to sell her writings, etc. can now depend on Wazala and benefit from selling their products and services online and earn revenues. Wazala is a website overlay application that functions as an e-commerce Shopping Cart Software assisting people in making purchases online.

The creation of an online store through this new e-commerce solution and adding the same on to your website or blog would take 15 minutes; the same quantum of time that Andy Warhol believed every individual on planet Earth would take to become famous. You would not want to trust Andy, but you could sure believe the fact that Wazala facilitates your website or blog to encompass an online store of its own in 15 minutes. There is not the requirement of the user to be an intellect in coding or have immense knowledge about internet to layout the Wazala Shopping Cart Software onto her website. You do not need the services of a web designer or a finance company to fund your online shopping store.

A straightforward copy, paste, point and click operation would integrate the store widget onto the user’s website with a small red button at the right hand top corner side of the site layout. Once a customer logs into your website and clicks on the red button, there would open up a separate window which overlays your website (right on top of your content). With this, there is absolutely no need for you to spend money on an extra webpage and also, the design of Wazala is subtle and graceful that does not affect the design element of the website.

Apart from this Wazala allows consumer stickiness as they have the facility of dumping the most liked products or services into “favorites” whereby customers can invest time in making shopping decisions and come back later once they have made a final choice. Wazala also ties online entrepreneurs up with PayPal, Google Checkout and the most trustworthy online services for smooth receipt of payments from end-consumers.

In addition to this, Wazala enables its business users to turn into Multi-National Companies owing to the online store that would be available in 15 languages and 24 currencies, hence globalizing their operations across countries.

Wazala could face inconvenience in the form of competition from Shopify, Big Cartel, Magneto, etc. that also offer e-commerce software solutions to businesses. In every industry there is bound to exist some sort of competition, and to reach to the top level and sustain the same would take a lot of maturity and being abreast of the latest technological novelties.

Having said that, I see no reason why Wazala should not reach the top. Best wishes to Wazala.

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