WorkFlowy - Flow with your Work

Work is a four letter word that is on every body’s tongue these days. Most of us live to work rather than work to live. You’ve got a to-do list, a shopping list, a list of goals you want to accomplish and many more lists that dominate your life. If you are looking to ease your life and increase your productivity, try WorkFlowy that claims to organize your brain.


Workflowy is a simple web-based application that simply put is a bullet list. You can create high-level categories and nest more lists beneath each one. It support seemingly infinite levels of sub-categories enabling you to map out everything that needs tracking and management. This appears to be overwhelming and unmanageable but what makes the app stand out here is the ability to zoom in to a specific list or project allowing you to focus on specific sections of the main list. The overall experience is ridiculously simple. It is a basic text editor with keyboard shortcuts and its inherent simplicity makes it speedy and easy to use.


Since the start screen is a blank one where you can create an organizational system as per your liking, it allows you to create your own lists based on your own rules. There is a notes function that allows you to enter notes about each list thus adding detail to an otherwise skeletal list. This makes for efficient management of your life’s lists with just the right amount of complexity that you desire. The interface leaves no room for bullshit. There is nothing to distract from the task at hand. The Help button is the only element that stands to support like a humble servant. There is no project branding, no ‘about us’ page even that makes Workflowy eerily effective and single-minded.

The Flipside

Sometimes you actually run into an app that does exactly what it says without a hitch. WorkFlowy is one such app yet I have to ruin the party with one last gripe that it doesn’t offer or support real-time team collaboration and inter-functionality with other apps, not to mention social interactivity. However ironically enough the lack of these very features also makes WorkFlowy incredibly easy, simple and efficient to use. The mobile versions are on their way so don’t just add this to your list - Give it a go now!