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10 open source web fonts, Techniques for User-Friendly HTML Tables, Music while you work

A music video that you can just let it in the background while you work.

Useful Techniques for User-Friendly Tables

UX Movement lists 9 great techniques for a User Friendly Table design. Some of the one that I really like – Tool Tips for Exact Values, Persistent Column Headers, Invert Arrows for Columns and of course Zebra Stripes.

The top 10 open source web fonts

Micah Rich, co-founder of The League of Moveable Type, rounds up the best open source fonts for web design and explains how you can contribute. He looks at the precursors to the @font-face revolution, Google Web Fonts and fonts from the League.

Document outlines in HTML5

The HTML5 Doctor explains what document outlines are, how to make good ones, and why you should care.

And Dear Graphic and Web Designers, please understand that there are greater opportunities available to you. If You Build It, They Will Come and Try It; and if you are keen enough to identify the opportunities that are being laid out before you by technology, then there is challenge and fulfillment and success to be had.

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