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Adobe AIR and Flash Player Incubator

The Adobe Flash Platform runtimes team launches the Adobe AIR and Flash Player Incubator program. The Incubator is a new place on Adobe Labs where Adobe will share with developers features that are under development or under consideration for inclusion in future versions of the runtimes. It is different from the existing runtimes beta program. The Incubator program allows Adobe to involve and engage earlier with community of developers and customers.

For developers and companies who are interested in testing cutting-edge capabilities of runtimes, the Incubator program allows them to contribute to the future of the Flash Platform. Keep in mind that the new features and functionalities in the Incubator builds may or may not be supported in future releases of the runtimes.

“Molehill” 3D APIs and Cubic Bezier Curves will be the first two new features available in the first Incubator builds, which will be announced at the keynote of the Gaming Summit on Sunday, February 27th. More information on the MoleHoll 3D APIs is at Adobe Labs.

The runtimes product management team has also set up a new AIR and Flash Player Releases blog, where developers can get real-time updates on new AIR and Flash Player releases.

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