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Adobe Pass enables TV Everywhere

Adobe has recently launched a path-breaking innovative solution which essentially enabled the concept of TV Everywhere. Adobe Pass service, a new authentication solution; one which enables pay TV subscribers to easily access premium content from virtually any Internet-connected device.

How can this be possible?

An integration of some of Adobe’s best solutions like the Flash Platform and HTML5 and leveraging these solutions with Adobe Pass has made it possible for pay TV providers and content owners alike to engage and deliver a wider range of content on more platforms and thus promise best in class quality and a secured user experience. These platforms include Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Blackberry and Google TV. Using the concept of TV Everywhere, broadcast and cable industry have started promoting Adobe Pass as a solution which makes it possible for pay TV providers to validate their paying subscribers online. By doing so the solution has hence allowed them to avail the anytime, anywhere content experiences that audiences crave, thus taking TV Everywhere from concept to reality.

The Manufacturer

Adobe Pass has fabricated a simple solution by which it has done away with one of the biggest barriers to the flag-off the concept of TV Everywhere; the barrier being “a complicated validation process that requires many registrations and downloads.” The solution is that pay TV subscribers can view content across multiple websites with just one sign in and without the requirement of any additional downloads. The use of the Flash Platform and HTML5 as mentioned earlier has helped quite a lot for viewers to attain a seamless high-quality experience. Also, with Adobe Flash Access users also are endowed with high-security.

What do Experts Say?

“By extending the richness and ubiquity of the Flash Platform to premium TV content, we’re providing pay TV subscribers the capability to view premium content online”, said Pritham Shetty, VP for Rich Media Solutions, Adobe. He added, “the robust back-end technology of Adobe Pass makes getting premium content online a seamless process for content owners, pay TV providers and most importantly, audiences.”

Talking about the fact that Adobe Pass can be ubiquitously used Jeremy Legg, Senior VP of Business Development and Multi-Platform Distribution, Turner Broadcasting System Inc. (TBS Inc.) said, “With the explosion of new smartphones, tablets and Internet-connected TVs hitting the market over the past months, it is increasingly critical that we’re able to push authenticated content to new devices quickly and easily. Adobe Pass makes MVPD integrations simpler, which enables us to get to market quickly and serve customers the content they want, where they want it.”

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