Apple eyeing Hulu?

What did I say about Apple in my previous articles? I always say that the name Apple itself sounds like King. Be it either of the Apples (fruit and smartphones), both of them are enticing. I guess Apple products get enticed day by day. Now the recent enticement to its throne is Hulu. Hulu is an on-demand streaming source for movies and TV shows or soap operas on desktop PCs and mobile phones.

Gone are the days when mobile is just to call while we roam. Now with advancing technology mobile phones are life saviours; from shopping to booking, from e-books to cook book, movies to music everything can be accessed through mobile phones. In such a state of affairs all the smartphone companies like the Droids, Microsoft, Apple, etc wanted to enhance their phones by getting alliances from software providers. These software providers provided softwares that made the above quoted internet usages much easier. The latest craziness seems to be about streaming movies and TV shows.

This is the reason behind a probable Apple - Hulu deal. Hulu was the one who initiated by an advertisement calling for top smartphone companies to buy them to stream movies for the smartphones. Microsoft and Google tried to acquire the opportunity but it seems they were dropped out from the contract and the contract is most likely to be signed by Apple. Although, clear reasons behind the withdrawal by Google and Microsoft from this contract is unknown, Hulu App is available in the Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows devices.

The deal is in the tune of $2 Billion. This amount is small for the Big Boss (Apple), it should be noted that Apple hasn’t spend so much amount in its entire business life. The largest amount spend was $400 million on NeXT software. If Apple strikes the deal will it allow the relationship of Hulu with its rivals to continue? I don’t think so!

This offer doesn’t look like a one that will go vain because Hulu is considered to be a big company for on-demand streaming. Moreover there is a lot of anticipation amongst people for viewing movies and TV shows on mobile with high quality. On the flip side iOS doesn’t support flash and you need to download some Apps in order to view the movies. On the web version Hulu provides this service using Adobe plug-ins.

Apple is already ruling with iTunes and it’s also offering you to watch movies and TV shows through Apple TV Product from the iTunes store. Sources from Apple developer side says that the viewing movies and TV shows by using a streaming expert like Hulu is more effective than to do the same through the Apple TV product or any other newer developments.

Hulu has recently renewed its licensed deal with Fox; the license of Hulu seems to be more remarkable for potential buyers says experts.

What do you think about Apple buying Hulu?