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Boomerang - Assuring Email Delivery at Gmail

If you are one of those with a cluttered mailbox and overstuffed folders with some of the drafts waiting to be sent and some mails awaiting a reply from you later, you are not to be blamed as we understand that having a clean tidy inbox is a rare sight. But you can now heave a sigh of relief and cheer. Boomerang for Gmail has arrived to conquer your inbox. It is a Firefox/Chrome plug-in exclusively meant for Gmail users which allows you to take control of when you send/receive your email messages. It will become a lot easier to manage the thousands of emails buried in your inbox, isn’t it?

Boomerang has already gained immense popularity as more and more people are putting it to use in their Gmail inbox. It can manage most of your problems you usually deal with in your busy scheduled day helping you not to miss an important mail or sending a mail at the prescribed time which might have gone out of your mind or follow up a reminder about an important meeting. Yes, it helps you to get more organized and planned with your email behavior and at work. It was launched by Baydin and saw the growth from 55 downloads on the launch date to over 70,000 downloads recently. It shows clearly that it is gaining momentum at a fast pace.

With Boomerang for Gmail, you can schedule a written mail to a future date to be sent automatically. You just have to text draft a mail and click ‘send it later’ and then move on pick the date from the calendar. Boomerang takes care of it from there and makes sure it is sent to the receiver on your preferred date. If you have received a mail and would want to check it later, you can do just that by clicking on the reminder to reintroduce you with the message. It even lends its hand to follow up people when you want to hear from them back within a specific timeframe. It will even archive your message if you want the mail to be read later. Just mark the appropriate label ‘remind me to read it later’ and you will have it done. Isn’t it a plug-in helping you to sort your way out from all the stuff that was once shuffled and messy? Indeed!

Well, it promises to come with more as it currently is still working only in beta version. You can expect some bugs with beta versions but it assures to provide more capabilities by taking full control of your Gmail inbox. Just download and install it to your Gmail message bar. The good thing about it is that it does not show up unless you try to view/compose a message. It is not just a business tool, it is useful in our personal life too.

With such tools in hand, you have no reason to worry about paying your bills on time, missing a loved one’s birthday or about scheduling a meeting with your client; Boomerang is surely at your service!

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