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comScore Reports - Users Adore Samsung Android Phones

Gadgets rule this generation and the Androids have certainly proved to be the forerunners in this field. Top mobile and technology companies have launched their versions of the Android phones in the market. Although, almost all of them have seen a speedy consumer rate, yet comScore reports say that Samsung Galaxy phones have taken the lead as the top consumer choice.

Demarcating similar products of other brands: Samsung launched their particular Android devices in the market with the specific name of Galaxy. The purpose behind this was to differentiate the brand’s Android phones from all the other similar devices by leading brands in the market. So, the consumers relate the Galaxy series to Samsung the brand and all other brands still fall under the generic term.

Using recent Windows Phone 7 mobile OS

Samsung has strived for the betterment of Android experience for their consumers. They have associated with the best apps and operating systems in the market for this purpose. They pioneered in using the Windows phone 7 mobile OS with their Omnia 7 phones.

Even bringing Galaxy series up to date with Windows mobile OS

Recent reports from Bluetooth standards organization have confirmed listing of Samsung Galaxy S2 (SGH i917) being launched with the latest Windows mobile operating system, Windows Phone Mango.

Constant trouble shooting to develop existing Android devices

The Samsung Vibrant, one of the recent phones launched, had a tactical problem with faulty GPS service. This was becoming quite a nuisance for users since most of the apps depend upon the phone’s location to give accurate results. However, this problem was also fixed when T-mobile sent in a real time software update to Samsung Vibrant phones so that users can fix their GPS problems without the hassles of hacking.

Constantly launching cooler new phones in a wide range of prices

Samsung has held the position of pride in the area that the brand has launched Android phones in a wide range of variety.

The Samsung SPH Moment is probably the fastest Android phone in the market. It lacks a little in looks but makes up for that with amazing color screen and a fast processor speed.

Samsung Intercept can be your choice if you want to own an Android phone but still don’t want it to get heavy on your finances.

Samsung Galaxy Spica is one more leading Android phone from the company. It has an amazing user friendly interface, touch screen and clear color and visual resolution.

These are just some of the popular Samsung Android smartphones that consumers are choosing from and making their own. The factors outlined above definitely throw some light on to why Samsung is capturing the interest of the major share of customers for Android phones in the market. In addition to their wide variety of options, the brand’s trust factor also adds up to market their products. Samsung Android phones come with this special trust as well as all the many useful characteristics. There is no doubt that the company is topping the charts as the leading Android cell phone brand.

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