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Free CSS3 Videos, Startup Marriage, Effective Minimalism in Design, Free Wordpress themes of 2011 and more

Looks like I spend quite a bit of my time reading news and information on the Internet. Here are few good ones that I found today.

Effective Minimalism in Experience Design

Tara Hornor writes about the strength of Minimalism which can bring forth clarity of form; clean lines, ample white space, and how minimal graphical elements can lend an air of simplicity to even the most confounding subject matter.

Minimalism is the act of stripping the form to its very basic, necessary elements, the keyword here being “necessary.” No true minimalist would approve of those designs that leave the audience confused or unsure. The idea is to make the message more clear, not more hidden.

Read the article at UXBooth - Effective Minimalism in Experience Design.

How to prevent elements from receiving clicks with pointer-events: none

I subscribed to this great blog yesterday and I’m already learning some good tip. There’s also a demo accompanying the article that explains how to prevent elements from receiving clicks with pointer-events: none.

pointer-events, originally a SVG property, it has since been extended for use in HTML content. Setting it to none for an element (or generated content) will simply force it to ignore clicks and pass the event on to the element on the next ‘layer’. Works in Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

Pseudo Spriting

As usual CSS-Tricks is up-to some nice trick. How would you do a sprite with pseudo element. Set a sprite background to a pseudo element to control their height and width the way you want.

Free CSS3 Videos from ThinkVitamin

While on the topics of CSS, ThinkVitamin have some nice video series on CSS3 - Borders, Gradients, Animation, Typography, Media Queries, Selectors and Backgrounds.

Free Wordpress Themes (2011 Edition)

Smashing Magazine have a list of some awesome Free Wordpress themes.

That’s pretty much for today. Let’s see what interesting stuffs comes our way, tomorrow and beyond.

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