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Mac OS X Lion knows you!

Mac OS X Lion assigns the right icon for your places.

Another one of the many finer little details that makes the Mac OS X stand apart from everything else. I was tweaking my screensaver when I noticed that the places mentioned in my iPhoto Album are marked with the right icons.

India have an Indian flag while USA’s got the US flag. An address is marked with a pin on the globe, California and Karnataka got their sign-boards, while the cities of Mountain View and San Francisco got skyscraper icons.

  1. Super easy to do. Those labels are already reverse-geocoded from the location data in your photos. The same service that converts those lat/lon into addresses can give you hierarchies  and iPhoto can use those as contexts. As the "level" (city, state, country) are also explicitly stated, it's super easy to then just attach the appropriate icon. :)
    Nice touch indeed.

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