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Nestoria - A property search engine, launched in India

A player that already has its presence in 7 other countries should naturally be thrilled to be unveiled in a country like India. Especially, when the country shows huge potential for growth and prosperity. Nestoria is now in India, and they call themselves - Nestoria India in the sub-continent. After having launched their services in France, Australia and Brazil last year, the property search engine firm has set foot in India. This move must be a very exciting one for the team considering the fact that the population here is larger than any of the other countries they operate in and the fact that there are so many people who are on the lookout for new and furnished homes.

The website, or rather the search engine is a prolific one considering the detail that it covers almost all major cities and areas in India. Apart from comprising a standard search tab, Nestoria also gives users the chance to view saleable property city-wise and country-wise. It also provides audiences with maps, to make their lives easier when it comes to knowing exactly where the property is located. I tried using it and the results are quite valuable. Once you search a particular area for a property, it throws up a comprehensive list of results/ choices, hence spoiling the probably buyer with several options. Clicking on a particular result/ property option would again give a 360 degree information on the property. However, clicking on the search result, would take users to a partner portal’s website which would give you the details of the particular property.

Nestoria does not pose as a competitor to real estate portals like 99acres, iProperty, Makaan, etc. In fact Nestoria has partnered with these portals to ensure Nestoria India achieves a better and more reliable search business in the country. Apart from these, the company also is looking at building partnerships with a few more portals in the coming months. Based out of London, the firm is owned by Lokku Ltd. and is definitely here to stay for a long period. It is a tough thing to let alone run a profitable real estate business but to survive and not shut shop is a challenge in itself. And it is much appreciated that Nestoria is making all the right moves even though it is not an Indian based firm.

Nestoria is very positive and are determined they would do well and stay in the business for long, particularly when there are several players in the market who are not doing as well as they should have liked. Having said that, Nestoria India have their work cut out and let’s hope they help us Indians in finding better homes.

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