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Quantity vs. Quality - The Google Algorithm!

You can search for anyone and their uncle on Google, and it won’t disappoint you, and now with the new algorithm the search results will be cleaner and more focused. Google has updated its algorithm to remove the rankings of sites it considers “content farms” and upgrade search results.

This change affected about 12% of search queries, which amounts to a lot in Google world. Google has termed the result as - widely positive, but has also admitted that there might be some collateral harm. Content farms are so pervasive that it is tricky to ascertain good quality which has an impact on publishers and readers.

You, the reader, can ascertain that your website does not resemble one of the billion content farms and get scanned by Google in the following ways:

Guaranteed Content

Always stick to the topic at hand and don’t waver too much trying to create a fairy tale out of a news story. And this content need not be put on the home-page, but on the inner pages too. Detailed information about the topic can be put on the inner pages too. It matters what you write and how you write it, even if the content is a few hundred words short, the quality will remain intact. When Google runs its latent semantic indexing algorithm on such an eminent website, the result will be in a verification of the “content authority”.

Inimitable Content

Multiple entries of the same content on various websites, blog networks results in loss of authenticity. Make sure that the content on your site is not plagiarized or published elsewhere. To corroborate the uniqueness, run the article through Copyscape and check if the same content has been duplicated. And make sure your article is indexed in Google so that Copyscape can pick it up when it checks for duplicates. You need to authenticate your article so that if it is copied or posted elsewhere, it will be in direct competition with your original. Other sites like EzineArticles have many links to them; their articles get indexed more swiftly than the article on your site.

Add links to all the pages listed in your article. This gives a “link authority” to the entire site and not just the initial pages. Google is also analyzing the linking patterns to establish the whats and what nots of a content farm, aside of the content quality.

With searches ranging from “Cell structure” to “Grapes” to “Progressivism”, there was as much content as demand, and determining the quality of the written word is of prime importance. With Google’s new algorithm, the searches will be more refined and the research will yield better consequences.

To be more effective in the above mentioned process, the simple three way mantra which needs to be implemented is - unique content, good quality themed content and relevant links; will do the trick.

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