Successful Enterprise Complaints Management by UsefulFeedback

Think about a hypothetical situation - You get a text message from your mobile phone service provider stating that you would have to submit a few documents, for verification of your identity, to the nearest customer service center. Before you would have realized the brevity or the urgency of the submission your service provider disables the Caller Identification Presentation (CLIP) facility on your phone. You get a call, but unable to answer it somehow & you haven’t been able to be authorized to dial any number yet. You call up your customer service and they remind you of submitting your valid documents. You rush to the nearest store and submit all duly signed documents and are happy that you have done your job and the service would be activated within the next 48 hours. You are intelligent, and you did not even forget to note down the Customer Information Form (CIF).

After 48 hours have passed and your CLIP facility is still disabled you ring up your customer service. They confirm that your documents have been submitted and it would take another 24 hours to activate the service. Each day passes with no-one having a clue about what exactly needs to be done & frustrated over the situation, you give a call after almost a week to the customer care executive. Finally the executive logs your case because you sound irate & rude; and gives you a docket number for future reference and assures that your issue will be resolved within the next 6 hours.

Even after 12 hours have passed you neither get a callback for customer recovery nor is your issue resolved. This time when you again call the customer service team you are astonished to know that they have closed your service request with a ‘case resolved’ flag. You are utterly frustrated and now decide to escalate the issue and you shoot a direct mail with all possible curt remarks to the Nodal Officer. You immediately get an automated response that your complaint has been received and someone will surely get back to you on this issue. After 48 hours someone calls you from the Nodal Officer’s desk and asks you to explain what has been exactly happening and assures you of a resolution ASAP. It takes almost 8-10 days for the customer service department of a reputed cellular service provider to resolve such a simple issue - the worst case being escalation of the issue to the senior management level for seeking resolution. You drive the ultimate nail into their coffin when your frustration is reflected in your status message(s) on social networking sites.

How about an on-line solution that can manage the whole affair - starting from the receipt, allocation and suitable response for complaints and informal feedback received across the business? How about a software that can be engineered to automate this interaction and engagement process across all enterprise channels including sales force, the relationship management team and the wider business network of external service providers, distributors and suppliers, as well as tracking and managing comments and complaints on social media sites and providing clear root cause analysis across the business?

A clear root cause analysis is an integral part of accurate delivery of solutions for customer complaints and feedback. This can be achieved if the complaint information is stored centrally and the response management system has in-built triggers or threshold alerts that highlight areas of concern.

When dealing with customer complaints, UsefulFeedback! is able to cater for the diverse workflows required across different departments within an organization, even external service providers, and enables each area to capture and resolve issues at the first point of contact, or alternatively assign the complaint to the appropriate team or individual for processing and management. The complaints management software also monitors social media interaction, enabling the user to assess, analyze and respond appropriately to comments posted on social media sites.

Nothing better, if you can yourself check industry specific trials, before using it yourself. And, all of this comes with an option of either a Standard Account or an Enterprise account; with manageable prices for each of them. Plus, the features make me think it is good enough too.

Let us know if you opine differently from what I wrote here.