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The New Cat In Town - Apple’s New OS Lion

Apple is one company that’s familiar with the word innovative and groundbreaking. Apple has continued to wow customers with its out-of-the-box approach and is one company that’s familiar with words like innovative and groundbreaking. It’s changed the face of computing and mobile technology and its new operating system, Lion, is keeping in step with Apple’s past accomplishments. IT news and laptop reviews have been all over the news ever since Apple CEO Steve Jobs recently announced that the company, with its new OS, will be implementing features into their computers that will make them run more like mobile devices.

Jobs made this announcement at Lion’s unveiling at the recent annual developers’ conference and received a subsequent standing ovation. The company wants to further expand its touch-based approach and wants to include finger/touch-controlled software. Users will be able to switch from programs and glide through the web by simply moving their finger. This is just another step in Apple’s desire to bridge the gap in technology interaction. The computer and the iPhone will slowly start to resemble one another until they meet somewhere in the middle. Apple is adapting more of its programs to run in full-screen mode rather than the traditional window-based mode.

Lion’s new full-screen mode has a lot of people excited. It’s hoped that, through this feature, it will be easier to focus on projects more. It will be possible to flick through applications using simple gestures with a touch-enabled trackpad. Users will still have access to the standard Mac desktop for other apps as well.

Lion’s “Mission Control” is a new feature that will let people explore all windows with greater ease wile widgets and apps that will run similar to Apple’s iPad but will take a far more comprehensive approach in the way users interface with the dashboard. So it’s likely that Lion will improve these existing features by gathering all these interfaces within the Mission Control window.

It will be interesting to see what innovations that will come out of this new operating system. “Lion” is going to be available to consumers starting next month for $29.99. There’s currently a preview version that’s been made available to software developers. It’s likely that we’re going to see more and more touch-based interface in the next few years as Apple still leads the way in innovation and the entire industry will likely change along with it. One thing’s for sure and it’s that Apple will not remain content to rest on its laurels. It seems intent on continuing to drive the industry forward to greater and greater heights.

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