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The TiE Entrepreneurial Summit, 2011

With the theme, “Celebrating the EntrepreneurTrip”, the TiE Entrepreneurial Summit 2011 will drive their focus on the entrepreneurial journey - trials, tribulations, challenges and exhilaration - from ideation to creation to growth and scaling. Entrepreneurship experiences and lessons from across this spectrum will be discussed, debated and shared through multiple panels and sessions including Guru Talks. The Guru Talk is where Gurus from the world of entrepreneurship share their experiences in an informal Q&A session with the audience. The event will be a good one to network with the likes of budding entrepreneurs, seasoned and experienced ones.

TiE Summit 2011, though a little late to the party but will dorn the “Going Green” phrase this year. The organizers promises to use cutting edge web and mobile applications to manage communication, registration, accessing and networking at the conference. I seriously hope they’ll have free and working Wi-Fi this time around.

Successful entrepreneurs and eminent thought leaders, all stellar names in themselves, will lead TES 2011 with keynote addresses. The conference agenda, with over 40 sessions and over 100 speakers will address a range of technology, policy, business and management issues of relevance to entrepreneurs.

TiE Entrepreneurial Summit 2011 will highlight the fields of Healthcare, Education, Agriculture, Social Media & Advertising, Mobile Business, Clean Technologies, Web Economy, and Financial Services.

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