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Will AppsGeyser just add to the clutter of useless Android apps?

A new Android application has just come out that should have a huge impact on the Android community. AppsGeyser is an application that can take any web content and turn transform it into new applications. To many Android developers this sounds like a great tool.

Personally, I am skeptical of the quality AppsGeyser is going to offer.

Quantity of Android apps is overwhelming

I think Appsgeyser will be a useless application used to create even more useless Android apps. Many people feel that Android apps can be interesting without actually serving a purpose. Well, after seeing thousands of new flashlight apps delivered to the market, I have begun to think that quantity is beginning to take precedence over quality.

With over 30,000 apps on the market right not, I have to wonder if we really need any more. Every app seems to have at least 5 clones and at this point I doubt we really need any more.

How functional will the apps really be?

How can you randomly mix material together and expect to develop an application that provides any real value to its users? First of all, you can't create an application by mixing different types of web content and expect that it will function exactly the way you intend. At best, you are still going to have to spend some time tweaking the code to bring it up to standard. Secondly, there is no guarantee that Appsgeyser will ever be able to switch code between platforms without a change in performance. It is difficult enough to transfer a software application from one operating system to another, but taking standard web content to a mobile device could be disastrous.

Violations of intellectual property rights

I have always stated how much I hate article spinners. They basically give webmasters the opportunity to plagiarize someone else’s work and claim that they created original content. This is a grey area that no one can really address.

I feel that AppsGeyser may create the same problems. Developers are going to start taking other people’s content and infringing on their intellectual property rights. At some point, they may have to discontinue the app to protect the interests of content developers.

Will Appsgeyser be helpful for mobile application development?

Appsgeyser may be a great way to develop new and useful applications for the Android, but is this really what we need? We have so many different variations of Android applications that don't really do much for us. The application may actually create more spam and violations of intellectual property rights. Rather than facilitating mass production of applications, Android developers should be encouraged to spend more time creating quality applications that will be helpful for the Android community.

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