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MissTravel - the Next Frontier of Digital Pimpery

If you pay a woman for sex, that’s illegal – it’s prostitution. If you film it it’s legal – it’s porn. If you put a soft lens on the camera – it’s art. What do you call a website that assists rich men in plying attractive young gold diggers with ‘free’ trips around the world? Digital pimpery? Perhaps. Brandon Wade calls it

Wade is the founder of, and, and now the like-minded; all are websites dedicated to finding rich men for attractive young women, or vice versa. Or both. Think Couch Surfing for gold diggers. It is no strings attached apparently.

“ was built to solve the big travel dilemma, by matching Generous frequent flyers who have the money but lack company with Attractive travel lovers who don’t have the financial resources to do so,” says the website. Wade’s entrepreneurial spirit combined with his affinity for sugar daddy-style match-ups is yet again striking virtual gold. has a simple premise; it connects wealthy, globe-trotting benefactors with young, attractive ladies with global ambitions. The site doesn’t pussy-foot around the topic either, as evident by its landing page’s opening motto: “who needs money, beautiful people travel free! Travel dating for generous and attractive people”.

Singapore-born Brandon Wade has stumbled upon the world’s first ‘travel dating’ site in a brilliant, although legally questionable, startup. This one is right inline with his other successful startups -, a sugar daddy-matching website;, where men bid on dates with women; and the incredibly blatant, and obviously titled, All of these startups came after his graduation from MIT and a successful career as a management consultant at several Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft, Booz Allen and GE. Now he’s serving a niche market of Fortune 500 executives I suppose. poses additional interesting questions beyond its issue with quasi-legal prostitution. Women on the site not only have travel paid for when accompanying “generous” members, “generous” members can also bequeath frequent flyer miles to “attractive” members in order to peak their interest.

“Besides matchmaking, does a whole lot more. The website provides an incentive system that allows Generous members the ability to gift frequent flyer points to Attractive members (hence gifting them the gift of travel),” says the site. “Attractive members who accumulate enough frequent flyer points may redeem them for free airline tickets and hotel rooms, allowing them the opportunity to travel the world for free.”

Interestingly enough frequent flyer miles are no longer taxable income in the eyes of the IRS, and good thing too because try explaining that one! Frequent flyer miles are good for free airline tickets, hotel rooms and entertainment – all the things a hooker with a passport needs, as a bonus – they’re not only free but tax-free to boot.

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