Respect for Android & Android App Development

Sun, Apr 15, 2012

Over the years & for various reasons, Android is not treated at par with Apple applications by prominent application developers. Apple was the preferred destination to showcase new applications. And, there definitely were available all reasons & justifications about why Apple was the front-runner for App Development.

However, there is a clear change in recent days as developers and commercial establishments have recognized the importance of sharing a launch pad equally with iOS and Android. With the change in the game plan, it is likely that more number of premium Android applications will be made available for growing android fans.

Why Android is Scoring?

* The plus point for Android developers is that Android is an open source platform which gives the advantage of the involvement of a large number of developers.
* Developers will have the opportunity to squeeze the latest advancements in technology front.
* No license expense is involved in the development of an Android application. Hence, developers have the opportunity to make large earnings with little investments.
* Android has a unique advantage in integration of various applications. Developers are exploring the opportunities available with Android to invent unique applications.
* It is advantageous & possible to develop Android mobile applications using different languages such as Java, Python, Perl, etc.
* Further Android software development kit (SDK) works like Droid emulator. Developers are not required to download and upload the software to test on mobile phones. All the process and functional aspects can be checked through the emulator.

Businesses can hire Android developers to develop an innovative applications. However, enough research should be done in figuring out the kind of application they want to launch & the purpose.

As technology is growing on a continuous basis, it is very much important to hire knowledgeable developers to accomplish your high end tasks. With over 300 million Android phones available in the market, it is a great opportunity for developers to take advantage of the growing demand for Android devices.

Developers love Android
Android seeing more Developer love.

Examples of 'Who Made it Big' with Android

* In recent times, Instagram had been a great success. In the beginning, it was not made available on Android devices, but now, Instagram is on Android. Those who wanted to taste the same have to go through their friend's iOS based device to get the fun from Instagram. Instagram was a huge success on Android based phones with more than 30 million user registrations. The instant access to share through social networking sites made Instagram a big success.
* Similarly, another social networking platform - Path, had overwhelming response when it was made available for Android based devices.

Apple Lover Says

All said and done, one should not undermine the very fact that developers have to deal with fewer complications when it comes to the development of iOS based application. They are required to deal with a limited number of iDevices. The same is not true with Android applications. There are different brands in the market offering different screen sizes and using various kinds of processors. This is a big challenge for Android application developers.

Year 2012 is going to witness a remarkable progress in Android applications. New phones based on Ice Cream Sandwich flavor are on the anvil. Apps in Android will be well received by Android phone users, such as the Temple Run fan application. In future, developers will be in a big dilemma in deciding their launch of maiden applications. The growing Android base is definitely a plus factor. True, Application Developers cannot ignore the advantage that they can take with Android based Smartphones.