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3 Ways AI is Contributing to Businesses Success

Tech innovations like artificial intelligence are no longer the stuff of science-fiction. Thanks to advancements made in machine learning, we now have AI that can complete notoriously difficult university entrance exams 12 times faster than the average human. That’s just one example of how far this technology has come.

Luckily, access to these technologies isn’t restricted to a few elite individuals or organizations. Machine learning, AI, and automation are all set to revolutionize the way companies do business in the near future, and businesses of nearly all sizes can benefit.

Here are just a few ways companies will soon be able to take advantage of these innovations.

Offering Personalized Service

Today’s sophisticated chatbot platforms demonstrate the power of AI. Brands are already using chatbots to improve customer service, send potential customers targeted ads, and gather user data.

A customer service chatbot doesn’t just offer a greater degree of convenience to users; it also allows businesses to save money by reducing the need to hire human customer service representatives. This is just one more example of automation solving a major problem for organizations.

Because machine learning allows AI to constantly learn from data, chatbots can also boost engagement by providing customers with truly personalized brand interactions. For instance, an apparel retailer can leverage data about user behavior, providing customers with a chatbot that can direct them to the ideal products for their tastes.

Improving Social Media Marketing

Effective social media marketing involves analyzing consumer behavior to post targeted content at precise times; AI can make this process much easier.

For example, imagine a potential customer regularly checks their business Facebook account at specific times throughout the week. Perhaps the customer’s search history and behavior indicate they’re in the market for a new business software. AI can gather and assess this data much more reliably than a human, posting ads during the times of day when the user is most likely to actually see them.

Enhancing Email Campaigns

Machine learning is actually a fairly simple concept. It involves using machines to analyze data and make predictions or draw conclusions from said data. When your email client decides a message belongs in your spam folder, it does so by analyzing information about the content of the message, the sender, etc. That’s machine learning at work.

Marketing teams can use this same principle to boost the overall effectiveness of their email campaigns. Through machine learning AI, they can monitor click-through rates, open rates, and other related factors. It can do all this while also assessing the content of an email, when it’s scheduled to be sent, etc., all in order to determine what types of emails are most useful, when they should be sent, and to whom they should be sent.

Looking to the Future

Remember, these technologies are still developing. The examples listed above illustrate how companies may use them in the near future, but as new innovations emerge, it’s highly likely that organizations will find even more ways to take advantage of machine learning, AI, and automation.

Regardless, there’s little doubt that more and more companies will begin implementing these technologies. That’s why it’s important to start considering how they can help your business now.

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