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IBM’s First PC was Released 40-Years Ago

IBM Personal Computer Model 5150

The Personal Computer has come a long way. 40 years on this day (AUG 12), IBM announced their first Personal Computer - The IBM Personal Computer (Model 5150). The Press Release was published on Aug 12, 1981. The majority of modern personal computers are distant descendants of the IBM PC.

Designed for business, school and home, the easy-to-use system sells for as little as $1,565. It offers many advanced features and, with optional software, may use hundreds of popular application programs.

The base configuration had 16K RAM, Color Graphics Adapter, but no disk drives.

OS/2 Museum has a nice article, The IBM PC, 41 Years Ago, on how it all started a year prior. A very detailed and interesting article, complete with hand-written design drawings and diagrams, specs, and internal working details.

It is nice going down memory lane. I started my first interaction with a computer with an IBM PC with an Intel i386 in 1992.

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