A fraud attempt

Sun, Oct 05, 2003

Dave Yang, recently had some issues with Actionscript Viewer 4.0 where some individual pretending to be Dave Yang, by changing his email account to his/her Hotmail email and asking for the software/key, read more about the story here.
I have a similar story where another person was asking me to ....., better read the mail below

We are sending a confirmation email to all of our registered users of Action Script Viewer 4.x due to an error in our registration database. In order to verify that you are a registered user of Action Script Viewer 4.0, we need you to reply to this email with either the download link we provided or the Action Script Viewer setup file(s) (as it was sent to you). We are sorry for this inconvenience and hope that you enjoy Action Script Viewer.
Manitu Group

I think this guy is desperate to get a hold of this software for some reason, you can leech his mail id which is manitugroup@hotmail.com