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Flashing at the age of six

Adarsh Rao mailed me, “I want to appear for Macromedia Flash MX Designer Exam”. No, there is nothing funny or surprising about that until I realize, “I am Adarsh Rao (6 years old) studying in 2nd class, vidya vinayalaya school, Hyderabad.” At that early age he had Macromedia Flash MX besides others such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Premier, Sound forge.

I am surprised with the interest and quality this little kid have. I have heard of many whizkid stories, I think he fits into one of those. In his mail, he was happy to say, “I am certified in Flash designing and computer Graphics and animation with 94% and 3D Max from institute of Image Malakpet Branch, Hyderabad. I made my website and my school website and has done several small projects.

He also clarified to me, “I have already studied Flash MX Bible and Christopher Hayes Flash MX Designer study guide. I have given practice test on Forta’s several times”.

I would definitely mailed him back and tell him how to prepare for the Macromedia Certified Designer Certification. I know it will be a bit difficult for me to tell him something like “If you are doing projects and working on Flash for quite sometime, then it will be easy”.

You can mail him at samudralaadarsh(a)rediffmail(d0t)com, and give him some lenient advise for this Flash-Kid or leave some encouraging comments here as I will mail him this link for him to read. He is confident that he will appear for the certification this December and let us see if he gets through, I think he will be the youngest certified Professional, (sorry “Certified Kid”) if he goes through.


Some time im late Nov 2003

I just called up his home at Hyderabad, India and talked to his Mother, Dr. Padma. I could not talked to him as he was in bed by that time. It is learned that he started taking interest in Computers with Multimedia related stuffs around the age of three and he even made a website around a year ago and this new website that I have linked above is the recent version or the version 2 of his site. He is also good in his other educational field and not just in computers. He had been offered free education by many schools, his parents have chosen one of them - Vidya Vinalaya School. He is studying there at free of cost since last year.

Early 2004

His mother called me up one night and told me that he’s been crying ever since his Macromedia certification result came out and he did not succeed.

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