Nightmares through the Net

First, I am extremely sorry if I have hurt anybody online on web-forums or on mailing list, I never intended to hurt anyone but believe more in helping aspiring developers and designer alike in using Macromedia Technologies like Macromedia Flash, Flash Communication Server, Flash Remoting and Macromedia Central alike.

Couple of weeks ago, I started receiving comments on this blog which looked more like the usual spam which I read and brush it aside as just another spam but there was no site url or anything, so I am not sure of the spammers intention. I received quite similar ones but I kept that too as another spam and have forgotten about the same. A couple of days back, I received an e-mail which when I replied returned back with a mail-delivery failure. The sender quite pissed off with me or with the identity “Brajeshwar”, which I am trying to built more of my own identity than just my name. Without going much in details, I am afraid to say that there are some people with vested interest against me.

Please leave me alone! If you feel I am stealing your client, your job, I am sorry, I do not do them intentionally, I just try to do some quality work for people who do not compromise on quality and are ready to pay the price for the same. I can do at a cheaper rate than the standard international rate but not that very cheap, so again if you are not happy with my pricing, please find a better developer, I am not competing with them.

Ah! I remember even once on a mailing list I was back-fired with answers and questions which were targeted solely against me with a rather sour intention. When I checked up his e-mail ID, I realized he was the same person whom I disagree to do his project at a price he wanted. That matter seem to have ended there.

Nevertheless, now I am under some constant fear that my identity is on the verge of defamation or fraud attempt on the same. If anybody know of a way of insurance or protection against online defamation, identity protection, please let me know. I am ready to spend to protect my identity online.

A mild but irritating fraud attempt was also waged agasint me couple of weeks back.