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Scenes in Flash

All along the way while answering many questions, I came across quite a few post concerning scenes and the confusion circling around the same. Well, first of all, this topic is not for the advanced Flash users. I will put in my small effort to clear a bit about scenes in Macromedia Flash MX.

Scenes help us separate different sections of a Flash Document and be managed into manageable file. This also does not mean that we should rely on scenes totally but should only be used where it is required and deemed appropriate. It is also difficult or rather impossible to refer to a scene within another part of the Timeline, so it should be backed up by frame labels. Frame labels can be referenced by Actionscript, thus directing the playhead to the appropriate place.

Furthermore, a scene in Flash can be duplicated, added, renamed or deleted. Scenes have a stacking order, take note that the top of the scene stacking order is what will be played first in any Flash Document. It may be worth mentioning that once compiled, the scenes in Flash act like a long stretch of single Timeline.

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