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You blog? then better ask your boss

Do you blog? And are you employed? Be careful your boss may not like what you blog, this guy got fired (read actual thread) because he wrote something on his blog that his company do not like. Similarly, better be careful with your blog content and follow your web-host’s rules and regulation. I got a warning of “Abuse-Copyright Infringement” because of some of the comments on this blog. I had to spend half a day reading all comments and deleting many of them. Right now, I am following the Tip No. 6 of of the seven quick steps to spam-free blog.

For the archive sack, here is the Step No. 6.

Reasoning : One of the reasons that comment spam is such a pain is that it takes several clicks through MT’s interface to get rid of a single post. If you could kill a spam easily as soon as it appeared, their effectiveness would be reduced dramatically, with the hopeful aim of deterring spammers entirely.

The fix : This is another Perl insert, this time into the file lib/MT/App/ (about line 150):

$Text::Wrap::cols = 72;
$body = Text::Wrap::wrap('', '', $body) . "\n$link_url\n\n" .
   $app->translate('IP Address:') . ' ' . $comment->ip . "\n" .
   $app->translate('Name:') . ' ' . $comment->author . "\n" .
   $app->translate('Email Address:') . ' ' . $comment->email . "\n" .
   $app->translate('URL:') . ' ' . $comment->url . "\n\n" .
   $app->translate('Comments:') . "\n\n" . $comment->text . "\n";
$body .= "\nTo delete this comment, click this link:\n".
   $app->{cfg}->CGIPath . "mt.cgi?__mode=delete_confirm&" .
   "_type=comment&id=".$comment->id ."&blog_id=" . $blog->id ."\n";
MT::Mail->send(\%head, $body);

It inserts a link into the mail that, when followed, jumps straight to the “Delete comment? [Yes/No]” page in MT (though, irritatingly, this page will close the browser window after you’ve hit the button, so you’ll want to ensure the page appears in a spare/new window when you click on the link).

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