Have you ever wished that you could send a quick message to the hot girl next to you in a bus, local train, local metro without knowing her number? Well, you can do it if you both have bluetooth enabled phone. Bluejack1.com, the erstwhile BlueJacking.com, is the place if you want to know details or learn about Blue Jacking. This is not illegal as bluejacking do not steal or destroy any data or whatsoever. Using a bluetooth enabled phone, you can create a phonebook contact and write a message, in the 'Name' field. Then you can search for other phones with Bluetooth and send that phonebook contact to them. On their phone, a message will popup with your message.
So, next time, have fun when that cool sexy girl looks around and tries to make sure her bright white dress is ok; after looking at her phone. You can tell her later, on perhaps the third or the fourth date, that the message was from you.