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Object Oriented Programming Oversold!

Well, me and one of my developer friend were recently jolted for a rather supposedly abuse of OOP; frankly to an addiction of some sorta geeky-ness in the Flash Development front. A veteran Flash developer commented and suggested, “make more use of the controller. You seem to take a lot of functionality out of the Controller and keep it in the View classes which respond to Model changes. In a way it’s the right way to program OOP but as far as making it a logical way for future developers to work with your code it makes it take 10 times as long to find functionality that could just as easy sit in a controller class.”

There are lots of truth in that looking from a Flash development perspective. Me and my friends have been recently, thus, thinking a lot on the way we work, code and structure applications and trying to mend our ways before it takes a back-stage and start living in our own castles.

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