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Customized Corporate Courses in Flash-Actionscript

Very recently, I had the opportunity to interact with the CEO (Himanshu Mody) of Tekno Point Multimedia. This centre provides Advanced Flash-Actionscript courses, corporate courses, on-site courses besides its regular course at their centre at Andheri (west), Mumbai, India. With their quality oriented approach, I was more than happy to be related to them. Some of their prominent clients includes that of ICICI infotech, Mahindra British Telecom, L&T Infotech. They have recently launched their Advanced Flash MX 2004/Actionscript 2.0 Advanced courses.
I will be involved with them and will mostly be responsible for quality addition, advanced topics for their clients on the courses involving Flash-Actionscript, Flash Communication Server, Flash Remoting Development and eventually Macromedia Central and Macromedia Flex. So, I will be using most of my spare time during the day (well, I do my development work mostly in the evening) to interact and help developers and designers alike. I am also likely to visit their training centres during weekends.
Please contact their centre or Mr. Himanshu Mody (+91-22-31029173) for details for regular course, special courses by me and other courses. I will not be dealing directly with any clients, so if you contact me I will forwarding all the management stuffs to him. If you are in other parts of India except Mumbai, you will be required to bare my travel, lodge and fooding expenses along with the actual Course Fee. Browse through Tekno Point Multimedia website for details.
Future Plan: Tekno Point Multimedia have also revealed a part of their future plan, me along with their team to do a cross country course on Macromedia Flash and its related technologies. I will be discussing more details about this with them soon.
[If you are outside India contact me directly, it will be cool and I can arrange for better interaction, special arrangements. Well, that is my wish!]