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Object-Oriented Software Construction

First, this book ain’t for total beginners into the world of Object Oriented Programming, second it is not for the utterly good OO Programmers (though they can enjoy the book to re-shake and freshen up their already good knowledge) but they are for mediocre/intermediate like me. Nonthless, this is another book that would be a good asset to dorn the library of your Object Oriented Programming books. I started with the book around April, 2004 and haven’t finished reading it totally as I prefer to read it off and on. The good thing about this kinda book is that you can pick the topic of your choise and read them whenever you wish without really following a reading flow.

Object-Oriented Software Construction by Bertrand Meyer can be categorized as a reference guide on The ways and methods to make softwares in an Object-Oriented method. The Book have a CD-ROM too, which have all the book’s text content in PDF (I have not really checked the CD).

Out of the many good things about the book, the one that I really liked was the details. You will be treated with clear details about the topics the book talks about. Reading the book will also make you feel that you should use static typing over dynamic typing, you will also love the detailed break-down of Inheritance, memory management and the usual classes, objects et al. Do not forget to pore over the “Doing it Right” part of the book. With a notion of having both the on and off view of a particular topic, it is your taking to decide the good ones for you. Enjoy the book as much as I have. Note: This is not a Flash book at all.

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