Whole city WI-FI-ed

I have been using this for the internet connection when I am out of my home. It is a bit cumbersome and there is power limitation as it is tightly coupled with the phone connection from Reliance, and this is an addition to my already existing Orange connection. The phone’s battery also last for only about half an hour when connected to the internet. But there is good news from Reliance and Mumbai is the best place to start off the new innovation being the home of the Ambanis.

They have finished their beta/lab test and the new innovation is going public in a month and half time. Now, there will be need for neither a phone nor a connection and not even a number. You will need to buy a PCI card for your laptop and you can connect to their network in any part of the country where they have this service, at a speed of 1 mbps. This is like the whole city being wi-fi-ed. I am sure the system will be soon extended to other important cities in India like Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkatta etcetera. Now, you can be online even on the Highways without a phone or wires.

Currently the only wi-fi spot I know in Mumbai city is at the Marine Plaza Hotel at Marine Drive, Mumbai (INDIA). So, stay tune for commercials and infos from Reliance regarding the new innovation.