PowerFlasher SOS (Windows Only)

Power Flasher SOS (SocketOutputServer) is a XML Socket server with a graphic user interface. Connected clients can send messages to SOS. These messages are shown in SOS. Further on commands from SOS to Client can be sent. These are freely configurable.

What are the advantages?

Flash movies can hardly be debugged outside of the Flash IDE by missing “trace” output. With SOS Flash movies can also transmit messages from the live system to the developer. The output window of the Macromedia Flash IDE is very slow and scrolls under circumstance only approximately 80 lines automatically. Whereas a very fast console, which can represent many lines output in shortest time, without the run speed of the program is strongly affected, is available by SOS. SOS is developed as smart as can and used up thereby only little main memory and is easy to serve.

Advantage Overview;

This free application runs on Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 and requires JavaVM starting from 1.3. Along with the program you can download a sample FLA file for you to test.

Thanks to Carlo Blatz of PowerFlasher.