PrimalScript 3.1

Someone have rightly said that your Text Editor is like your shoes! I just got my new one, Sapien’s PrimalScript 3.1. Initially I had to do a little way-finding as I was too coupled with my previous Text Editor (almost 3 years). I am not really a fan of Microsoft Outlook Look-ALike feel with its interface (Nexus Window), but then it was easy for me to just assign a shortcut key to swap that to on-off (I used Ctrl+F3, like I had for my previous editor). Neverthless, it is very helpful, just bring it up when you want to use it. You also have the ability to do the switching toggle with View > Next Window. The additional browser inside is also nice to give you a quick access to a browser and still work on your codes. It even allows you to assign Multiple Classpath for Actionscript 2.0.

Some of the very commendable features include:

A cool shortcut that I just got used to is Alt+F2 (global bookmark). Select, some text or a line and do an Alt+F2. Give a name and there you are, isn’t that kinda cool. I wish that there be a facility to do Category Levels here (am I asking too much).

You also have a Recycle Bin for your codes. When you delete your piece of code by the delete button, backspace button or the Ctrl+X, it saves the code fragment to the Recycle Bin. Just get it back from the bin, well, I never had this before and I feel pampered already.

These are few luxuries that I have just been treated with the new PrimalScript 3.1 and you will love it too. The only regret I have now is “Why haven’t I gone shopping for my shoes before?” At this moment, I am still to get used to using it for (x)HTML, PHP and other scripts. I tend to find myself a bit intrigue with the tags in it; there should be a better way for me to control that!

Few things that I wished it were there and find missing with the current version (let me know if I am wrong, I would be more than glad if I am wrong here.)

  1. Configurable Language Specific Abbreviation list
  2. Code folding
  3. Word Wrap toggle option
  4. Preference option not do display splash screen on start up
  5. Ability to export settings/preferences to an external file
  6. Ability to define separate folders for back-up files