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Adobe will get Macromedia Development centre

Some of the fallouts happening in India, as global Tech Giants consolidate, are the mergers. The business circle is ripe with the fact that it is only logical that Macromedia Development centre in Bangalore will be merged with the Adobe Development Centre in India. It is also learnt that Macromedia’s 8.1% stake in Mumbai-based mobile gaming company, Indiagames, is moving to Adobe India too. A combined stake of 18.2% in Indiagames was acquired by Macromedia and Cisco Systems for $4m from existing Investor TOM Online recently.

Adobe India development centre consist of over 500 developers which is its second-largest outside the US and the third largest overall. It contributes over 20% of the company’s engineering efforts and has already filed 25 patents. From the business circle, it is also learnt that the company plan to invest about a sum of $50m by 2007 in India alone.

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