Brajeshwar on Flash 8 Credit Roll

Sep 30, 2005

Brajeshwar on Flash 8 Credit Roll

Am I usually the last one to know good things happening with Flash, specially with Flash 8? I saw the video of the "Making of Flash 8 (Making of Flash 8)": and I could see that I was nowhere to be seen in the scope. Ok, not a problem as I never knew they will use the footages for such a cool video.

But then, I saw "Lord Alex (Lord Alex)": on the Flash 8 credit roll. So, also, "Jesse (Jesse)":, "Justin (Justin)":, "Peter (Peter)": Well, I then realized the pattern happening and I was thinking "Am I missing something?". So, I looked at the Credit Roll more closely and I saw my name, *Brajeshwar Oinam*, along with some of the best Flash Developers in the world. This is cool!

Most of my other Flash Friends are on the Credit List too;
"Guy Watson (Guy Watson)":
"More listings at IFBIN (More listings at IFBIN)":

*Do you really want to locate my name in the Flash Credit Roll?*
In Flash 8 (or later versions), open up the *About Flash* dialog box from the *Help* menu. Look at the *Special Thanks - Our Families and Friends* section after *Technical Support and Beta Support* > *Corporate Honchos*.

*Thank You Macromedia*

I will have to request them to correct my last name, it should be *Oinam* and not *Onem*. I should have checked the credit roll during the beta! Let me hope, it is corrected in Flash 9!
Btw, I have never looked so closely at the Flash Credit Roll before!