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Brajeshwar on Flash 8 Credit Roll

Brajeshwar on Flash 8 Credit Roll

Am I usually the last one to know good things happening with Flash, specially with Flash 8? I saw the video of the Making of Flash 8 and I could see that I was nowhere to be seen in the scope. Ok, not a problem as I never knew they will use the footages for such a cool video.

But then, I saw Lord Alex on the Flash 8 credit roll. So, also, Jesse, Justin, Peter. Well, I then realized the pattern happening and I was thinking “Am I missing something?”. So, I looked at the Credit Roll more closely and I saw my name, Brajeshwar Oinam, along with some of the best Flash Developers in the world. This is cool!

Most of my other Flash Friends are on the Credit List too;
Guy Watson
More listings at IFBIN

Do you really want to locate my name in the Flash Credit Roll?
In Flash 8 (or later versions), open up the About Flash dialog box from the Help menu. Look at the Special Thanks – Our Families and Friends section after Technical Support and Beta Support > Corporate Honchos.

Thank You Macromedia

I will have to request them to correct my last name, it should be Oinam and not Onem. I should have checked the credit roll during the beta! Let me hope, it is corrected in Flash 9!
Btw, I have never looked so closely at the Flash Credit Roll before!