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Condensing Your Life on to a USB Flash Drive?

Everybody reads Slashdot, so I won’t really repeat the article but this one caught my attention. The articles talks about, How to Prepare for One Really Quick Getaway which appeared in New York Times on the first of October.

What is the first thing you will grab from your home if your house floods, catches on fire or comes tumbling down in an earthquake? Family photos? The pets? The Hummel figurines?

They have a word doc, YourMoneyList, that will help you or anyone in your family locate things you need for the insurance adjuster or relief worker, Just In Case You Get Hit by a Bus.


  1. Your right about condensing your life on a usb or an external hard drive. You should back up your personal documents and photos and store them in a safe dry place. I am in the water damage restoration business and I have seen many home owners loose their computers after a flood.

    The Flood Doctor

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