3-min read v5.1 template bluntly copied!

Well, well, I have no problem with that but don’t claim “this site is an orginial design of my own. ……. . Currently version 4.0 is on display constructed with HTML/CSS. I am pleased with the outcome”. I don’t deny the fact that I too get lotta inspiration from other people but I request the authors if I can use/modify the same. Look at this website,, it even uses my meta description tagline “Brajeshwar is dedicated to web development using Macromedia technologies”.

I no longer use that buddy, you can copy the new one which I am editing very soon too along with the much needed template design change. I myself do not really liked my v5.1 template much but I am flattered that somebody else liked it; I had it running as I am too busy with my commercial projects to concentrate on any re-design of

Stickrod even uses the Image margin style for the article entries. Ah! I just saw that the Macromedia Affiliate Banner is same as mine (which I modified myself). He even tried to have that popular hit entries for the last 30 days thingy. Try to read his “About” and “Contact” section too, they look rather very similar with my composition. I think I will do a favor to this website by letting it know when my new template goes live!

Update with excerpts from Stickrod’s e-mail;

Yes, I did borrow your personal site design that you worked on very hard I am sure of.  The design and interface are those of a master web programmer, something that I aspire too and will never quite get there for my lack of creativity. I agree it is shameful to use someone's personal site that way that I did.  Not that this is an excuse, I am a novice just beginning to learn how to code in different web languages and since this is not my profession I used your layout while I was learning to build my own.  I feel that studying other peoples code, specifically someone that is excellent at it can really assist in learning. Another issue that is not an excuse but true, is my site was not intended for mass distribution.  Before you posted about it my only visitors were three local friends as you can see from my commenters. In a week I would get about 4 hits.  After your post, my traffic has greatly expanded; not something I was prepared for.  I have been working on a new "original" design for the last month, not that you care at this time and I am sure you are pretty pissed off.

Besides design attribution (credit) what can I do to bandaid the current situation?  Would you like me to take down the site? I really am not into pirating other peoples work and I apologize for my inexcusable act. Well I had to close open comments on Movable Type from all the very nasty, negative feedback left.  Then after that, since I host the site myself it got so many hits that it shut down my old server.

I am happy to see that you are not angry. So I take it with the Creative Commons License that it is common to contact the design author before borrowing design elements.  I look forward to seeing your new layout and promise not to borrow anything from it. Feel free to post my email but (not that I have any leverage here) could you please clarify that you are not angry so that when I do open comments I do not get flooded.  I figure that I will not get many hits now since the website is down and will remain down until I can fix.

Yes, I am not angry with you!

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