Here is something that you should keep a tap on! "haXe (haXe)": is a programming language from the "mtasc (mtasc)": guy and I would really be interested into looking closely at something that comes from him. The haXe programming language is one supposedly a common language for the different technologies; server side, client side and rich clients (read Flash, Flex here).

*haXe can*

* create Flash SWF files using Flash APIs for Players 6, 7, 8, 8.5
* generate Javascript code using Browser DHTML API, so you can create AJAX web applications
* generate Neko sourcecode that can be used on the Server side or in standalone executable


* "haXe Online Reference (haXe Online Reference)":
* "haXe Tutorials (haXe Tutorials)":
* "haXe compiler for windows (haXe compiler for windows)":
* "haXe Community (haXe Community)":