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Microsoft Office Suite

I always have a belief that, the first thing a computer (PC) user know is Microsoft Office and that it is a really easy one to catch up with, open-it and use-it. But, there are lots to the suite than just meets the eye. The software is not THAT easy to use, you have to get used to it, master its tit-bits and nourish your skill in making things work better, faster and intelligently. Today, I went out to the wilderness of the Internet to search for Tips, Tricks, Must-Knows about Powerpoint, Word.

I really love plain text and thus do most of my documentations in plain ASCII text, though many clients prefer Microsoft Word and I think there are lots that you can do with the software than just type text, make bold, italic and print. There are lots more to powerpoint too, and now I have a feeling I know just about 10% of what powerpoint can do. I will need to learn a bit more and get used to the whole suite a bit.

I can recollect one things my accountant once said, “You can do many things with Excel”. And indeed he does many things with it, calculates this and that and what what not. So, it is about time, that this software is mastered a bit more in a better way.

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