Programming Flash Communication Server, anticipating

Tue, Feb 01, 2005

I once attended a Breeze Live Presentation on Flashcom. Before the actual presentation started, there was a Questionnaire, the options was about ones expertise level in Flash Communication Server (a) I am a Newbie (b) I have used Flashcom ==(c)== I am an expert (d) I am Brian Lesser (I actually don't recollect the exact wordings of a, b and c but I am certain about that "d" there). It simply means, Brian Lesser is one of that guy who is one of the best Flashcom Developer.

The much anticipated Flash Communication Server book "Programming Flash Communication Server (Programming Flash Communication Server)": is expected to be released around the end of February, 2005. The book is co-authored by "Brian Lesser ()":, "Giacomo (Peldi) Guilizzoni ()":, "Robert Reinhardt ()":, "Justin Watkins ()": and "Joey Lott ()":

I shouldn't be saying anything beyond this at this time at this moment, but to suggest to get the book as soon as it is released. I will do my full review when it goes out in the market. Oh! yes, watch "O'Reilly (O'Reilly)": for some chapter(s) release from the book anytime (I don't know the exact time though).

"Pre-Order at O'Reilly (Pre-Order at O'Reilly)":