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MX DownUnder 2005, Me too in Flash

I was on a quick ICQ session with Grant Skinner;

Session Start (Grant Skinner): Sat Jan 08 00:07:49 2005
Grant Skinner: you look like a bad comic book villain in your MXDU picture. :D
Grant Skinner:
Grant Skinner: (not that I look that much better in mine)
Brajeshwar: lol

MXDU 2005, besides the main event, something to really watch out for is the Hands On Workshops. This is a practical hands-on workshops presented by world-renowned industry specialists, to be held on 16 February 2005, Day Zero of the Conference.

Day Zero Agenda

Personally, this is going to be my first ever international appearance and I am filled with mixed feelings of excitement, restlessness, an eagerness to be there, a reluctance that it is so close. I am happy with not only the fact that I am speaking there but that I will be meeting some of the best known Flash Gurus whom I had been a fan ever since the early days of my Flashed life, interact with the best people in this industry. Just have a look at the speakers line up; I consider myself blessed that I would be meeting them all. Even meeting half of them would have been a “mission accomplished”.

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