Rich Chart Builder

Jul 21, 2005

"Rich Chart Builder (Rich Chart Builder)": from "Blue Pacific (Blue Pacific)": is an easy to use chart builder which outputs to SWFs.

I am particularly impressed by the amount of ready-made charts it have. The only put down for me was that I cannot use it in my applications __per se__. I can neither extend it nor does it allow me to have it in my Flash Applications. But this is a good option, if your final Charting requirement is a standalone presentation/application.

Its salient features are;

* Creates animated Rich Media charts that present your data in an enjoyable and captivating experience.
* Charts can contain an audio narration: an effective way of describing the events behind the values.
* Create interactive charts with tooltips and links that can point to other charts or web documents, creating a truly interactive experience.
* Publish the resulting chart to ubiquitous Flash format viewable by over than 98% of web users. And also to PowerPoint, Image and PDF documents.
* Includes a wealth of professionally designed chart Templates and Layouts which you can apply to your charts.
* Works with Microsoft Office - import data from Excel and publish the resulting chart to a PowerPoint presentation.
* Includes real time preview - while you are adjusting the chart parameters, the resulting effect can be seen immediately in the preview area.