Robots was already in my must-see list, I finally saw it at the IMAX DOME. The visual, effects were amazing and the robots looks really cool.

A robot, Rodney Copperbottom leaves his home at Rivet Town for the Metropolitan Robot City to meet Bigweld, his idol and show him his invention. Upon reaching Robot city, he found that Bigweld is nowhere in control of the manufacturing unit and is currently run by Ratchet under the watchful eye of his evil mother Madame Gasket. Rodney’s journey from the moment he left his train and into Robot City was awesome. Ratchet with his mother, were in an eliminating spree of all outmodes so that robots should either upgrade to the shiny armors/makeover or end up in the junk yard. Rodney, with the help of his newly found friends, importantly being Fender and Cappy, set out to find Mr. Bigweld and save the city from the ideas and villainy of Ratchet. There was one memorable episode with Aunt Fanny, “But we were doing with our hands!”.

Just like another fairy tale, Rodney finaly saves the day. His father got his replacement part, plays “Junk”.